martes, 28 de junio de 2016

BORN TO BE BAD 01/07/2016

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Set list del programa
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin born to be bad
2) Hot Club of Cowtown: The magic violin
3) Big Sandy & his fly  rite-boys: Play girl
4) Big Sandy: Oochie Coochie
5) Young Jessie: Oochie Coochie
6) Rob Mcnurlin present Home of the blues
7) Rob Mcnurlin present Sugartime
8) Robin Mckelle: Good time
9) Chris Ruest: Cry for me
10) Warner Hodges: Homage
11) Warner Hodges & Disciple of loud: Tick tock
12) Grace Potter & Nocturnals: Hot summer night
13) Motor City Josh: Spoonful
14) Nick Curran: Rocker
15) Scrapomatic: Long gone
16) Swet honey in the rock: Redemption song

jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

BORN TO BE BAD 17/06/2016

Esta semana hemos repasado clasicos y vivencias con Mario Cobo, Xavi de Carajillo records, y Ernesto Barba.
Gracias a los tres por venir.
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jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

BORN TO BE BAD 10/06/2016

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Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Coronas: El corazon contento
3) Clarence White/ Gary Paxton: Mother in law
4) Tellico: I want to know
5) Rob Mcnurlin present
6) Rob Mcnurlin: St. James Infirmary
7) Preservation Hall Jazz band: St. James Infirmary
8) Tangled: Move over
9) Jim Suhler: Shake hands with the blues
10) Janiva Magness: Long as I can...
11) Barrence Whitfield & Savages: Georgia slop
12) Mark Hummel: Georgia slop
13) Paul Delay band: Harpoon man
14) Mike Kindred: If I still
15) Mora' s modern rhythmists: Mr. ghost goes to town

jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

BORN TO BE BAD 03/06/2016

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Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Albert King: One night
3) Fabulous Thunderbirds: Wild cherry
4) Aki Kumar: Drifting blues
5) Rob Mcnurlin present....muleskinner blues intro
6) Rob Mcnurlin: Muleskinner blues
7) Hot club of cowtown: Exactly like you
8) Oscar Avendaño & los profesionales: La 1ª en la frente
9) Candye Kane: Whola lotta love
10) Candye Kane: Some lazy afternoon (in memory for Candye Kane)
11) George Thorogood & Destroyers: I´m ready
12) Janiva Magness: St. Gabriel (para Xavier Marchador)
13) Johnny Tanner: lovey dovey

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