jueves, 18 de octubre de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 19/10/2018

1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Rick Holmstrom: Peculiar Hop
3) Peter & the wolves: Avalanch
4) Peter & the wolves: Wolfman rock
5) Doug Deming & Jewel Tones: You rasca you
6) Doug Deming & Jewel Tones: Need my baby
7) Johnny & Jaalene: Baby I love you
8) Johnny & Jaalene: Party
9) Kerry Pastine & Crime Scene: Fever
10) Andrea Marr: Rock steady
11) Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley: It hurts me too
12) Janiva Magness: Long as I can see the light
13) Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson: Adam & Eve
14) Mount pilot: Gypsy Queen.

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jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 28/09/2018

Esta semana hemos contado con la presencia de Angel Moran que nos ha hablado de su nuevo libro así como de diana braithwaite & chris whiteley con los que hemos charlado sobre su musica y su futura visita a sant boi para actuar en sempre somniem 5 que se destinara la recaudacion para la http://rettcatalana.es/....Será un 30 aniversario muy muy espcial.
Gracias a Oscar por su grandisima traduccion simultanea.


jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 21/09/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Don Leady: Hillbilly blues
3) Jeff Bright & Sunshine boys: Need to tell ya honey
4) Ladie Dottie & Diamonds: Livin' it up
5) Lavay Smith & red hot skillet lickers: Blue skies
6) Diana Braitwaite & Crhis Whiteley: I was telling him about you (para Monica Santacreu)
7) Diana Braitwaite & Chris Whiteley: Motorcycle (para Lourdes Serrano)
8) Andrea Marr: Force of nature
9) Dr. Maha's miracle tonic: Cucarachas
10) Dan Baird & Homemade sin: Something like love (thanks warner hodges)
11) Dan Baird & Homemade sin: Everlovin' mind
12) Todd Snider: Godsend
13) Two tons of steel: Big big love
14) The Chris Fast band: It's too late brother.
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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 14/09/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) The Twilight drifters: Miller's moonshine
3) Blue Ribbon Healers live in radio
4) Hot club of cowtown: Oklahoma hills (thanks Whit Smith)
5) Blue Ribbon Healers live in radio
6) Hot club of cowtown: Avalon
7) Blue Ribbon healers live in radio
8) Sactown playboys: Dinah
9) Blue ribbon healers live in radio
10) The Western flyers: You' re from Texas
11) Blue ribbon healers live in radio
12) Diane Braithwaite & Chris Whitley: Careless love


jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 29/06/2018

Esta semana hemos tenido el placer de contar con la presencia de Juanma y Paola de Blueroomess que nos han regalado unos temas en directo.
Tambien hemos puesto el tema de regalo Summertime blues por Rob Mcnurlin.


viernes, 15 de junio de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 15/06/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Doug Deming & the Jewel tones: Double down
3) Doug Deming & the Jewel tones: Mama didn' t raise no fool
4) The Infidels: Speedtrain
5) Paul delay: Say what you mean
6) Kid Ramos/Paul delay: Say what you mean
7) Baraht & his rhythm four: Born blind
8) Baraht & his  rhythm four: Friday night fatty
9) Adrianna Marie & her groovecutters: Cherry wine
10) Big harp george: My baby in now in my mind
11) Big harp george: Hey jaleh!
12) Jenny Kerr: Ain't no train
13) Lavay Smith & her red hot skillet lickers: Walk right, walk right out
14) Kim Nalley: September in the rain
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viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 08/06/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Whit Smith: Pet names
3) Gina Sicilia: Members only
4) Adrianna Marie: Sidecar mama
5) Chris O leary: Trouble
6) Cathy Lemons, Johnny Ace: Used to the blues
7) The Lucky losers: Make a right turn
8) Sean Costello & his jive bombers: Jelly roll
9) Robin Mckelle: What you want (dedicado a Carmen Alonso)
10) Kim Nalley: Trouble of the world (acoustic version)
11) Kim Nalley: Trouble of the world (organ version)
12) Candye Kane: Invisible woman
13) Elana James: One more night
14) Two tones of steel: Hellcat (for Kitty Kerry)

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viernes, 1 de junio de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 01/06/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Kayton Roberts: A fool such as I  (for Rob Mcnurlin THANKS)
ROB McNURLIN PRESENTA: (para Blueroomess y Lourdes Serrano)
3) Sugartime
4) That s alright mama
5) Dark hollow
6) Ain' t gonna work tomorrow
7) Broke down engine
8) Crash on the levee
9) Freight train blues
10) Nine pound hammer
11) Mule Skinner blues
12) Blue moon of Kentucky
13) Sittin on top of the world
14) Folsom prison blues
15) Home of the blues
16) Delia
17) St James infernary
18) Barbara Allen


domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 25/05/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Hot club of cowtown: Draggin the bow
3) Adrianna Marie & her roomful of blues all´stars: Jump with you baby
4) Oscar Wilson: When I was young
5) Big Harp George: If only
6) Chris O'leary: One more saturday night
7) Dennis Gruenling: Ready or not
8) Matt Hill: Ain't no boy
9) Nikki Hill: I'm gonna love you
10) Two tones of steel: No that lucky
11) Kid Ramos: Heartbeat
12) B B King: Mashed potato twist
13) B B King: One shoe blues
14) Little Richard: Hound dog
15) Kim Nalley: Ferguson blues


jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018


Esta semana los blueroomess pretendian presentar el nuevo cd...
El nervous los ha boicoteado con saludos de sus amigos Francisco Simon, Mike Mariconda, Kat Pearson y Marco R Wagner....
Un placer contar con la amistad de Paola y Juanma....seguro que la presentacion del dia 12 de mayo sera un exito....
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viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 27/04/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) The hot club of cowtown: Devli's dream
3) The hot club of cowtown: What's the matter whit the mill
4) The lucky losers: Supernatural blues
5) The lucky losers: Make a right turn
6) Susan Tedeschi: Security
7) Sean Costello & his jivemborbers: Jelly roll
8) Dennis Gruenling: Won't you come back
9) Jason Elmore: Midgnight in Memphis
10) Dave Gross: Don' t take too long
11) Matt Hill: Crude man
12) Miss Leslie: Between the wiskey and the wine
13) Michael Martin: Lost a girl in Vegas
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jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Ilana Katz: Marlyn blues
3) Ilana Katz: Don't forget
4) Ilana Katz: Subway blues
5) Kid Andersen: Rocket fuel
6) Goverment: Let her go
7) The lucky losers: Jackson
8) The lucky losers: What was if you wanted
9)Knickebokes all stars: Respirator blues
10) Knickebokes all stars: Texas cadillac
11) Kid Ramos: Kid' s jump
12) Big Harp George: If only
13) Robin Mckelle: Heart of Memphis
14) Big Harp George: Mojo waltz
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viernes, 13 de abril de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 13/04/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Kid Ramos: Mashed potatoes & chili (para Juanma Blueroomess)
3) Kid Ramos: Anna
4) Candye Kane: Marijuana boogie
5) Candye Kane: Au revoir y' all
6) Candye Kane: Superhero
7) Casey Hemsley: Hard headed woman
8) Kim Nalley: I put spell on you (para Paola)
9) Kim Nalley: Need my sugar
10) Robin Mckelle: Abracadabra
11) Tad Robinson: I' m good
12) Hot club of cowtown: Crazy rhythm
13) Hot club of cowtown: Continental
14) Two tones of steel: Surrender

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viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 06/04/2018

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jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 23/03/2018

1) Rob Mcnurlin: Nervous born to be bad
2) Breezy rodio: A cool breeze in hell
3) Breezy rodio: Dr. from the hood
4) Rockwell avenue blues band: Rich man
5) Rockwell avenue blues band: Blues for hard times
6) Kat & Co: Make it rain
Agradecimientos y valoracion del festival sempre somniem 4
7) Blueroomess: Never love a cowboy
8) Michael Martin: Clown of gold (para Juanma Blueroomess)
9) Casey Hemsley: Ball and chain (para Dani Montesinos)
10) Casey Hemsley: I just wanna make love to you (para Laura 69 fallou)
11) Ann Peebles: Tears in heaven (happy birthday Monica Santacreu)

viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 16/02/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Devil in a woodpile: Beer ticket rag
3) Devil in a woodpile: Strange here
4) Devil in a woodpile: Got just what I want
5) Devil in a woodpile: Can' t wait
6) Devil in a woodpile: Easy ridin' mama
7) Devil in a woodpile: Whiskey headed blues
8) Devil in a woodpile: Keep on drinkin'
9) Devil in a woodpile: I got a woman
10) Devil in a woodpile: Some day baby
11) Devil in a woodpile: I shall not be moved (para Pablo el terrible)
12) Devil in a woodpile: Wrong woman
13)Devil in a woodpile: Rock island line
14)Devil in a woodpile: Samshon and Delilah (para Paola y Juanma)
15) Devil in a woodpile: A long way from home
16)Devil in a woodpile: Has my been by here?


viernes, 9 de febrero de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 09/02/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Tonny Emmanuel: Guitar boogie (para juanma y oscar)
3) Rick Holmstrom: Bobby's rock
4) Tom Jones/Rick Holmstrom: Done somebody wrong
5) Rob Mcnurlin: Cotton fields
6) Rob Mcnurlin: Always dream
7) Curtis Salgado: Lip whippin
8) Devil in a Woodpile: Good morning school girl
9) Los Chicos: I know I don't know
10) Los Chicos: I don't wanna learn anymore
11) Cash box kingsç: If you got a jealous woman facebook ain't your friend
12) Tinsley Ellis: Satisfied
13) Rick Estrin & Nighcats: hot in here
14) Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz & Tad Robinson: Go now


jueves, 1 de febrero de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 02/02/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Steve Crooper/Albert King/ Pop Staples: Big bird
3) Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Singin the blues (para Juanma y Paola Blueroomess)
4) Jimmie Dale Gilmore: 99 holes
5) Marco R Wagner: My old Spain
6) Kat & Co: Not my fault
7) Jeff Turmes: Mexico City
8) Robert Randolph & Trombone Shorty: Take the party (para Angel)
9) Cindy Alexander/Janiva Magness: Soul Quake
10) Lynn Morris: Destination love
11) Luminiscent Orchestrii: Knockin'
12) Luminiscent Orchestrii/Carolina Chocolate drops: Knockin'

sábado, 27 de enero de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 26/01/2018

Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Tia: El paso rock
3) Tia: Dancin´ with the devil
4) Nikki Hill: Oh my
5) Nikki Hill: Let me tell you ´bout lov
6) Rick Holmstrom: Lovin´ ways
7) Bill Kirchen: Hot rod Lincoln
8) Bill Kirchen: Hot rod Lincoln
9) Red Volkaert: Only daddy that walk the line
10) Jason Elmore: Wish my hands of you
11) Junior Brown: Fredoom machine
12) Eleven Hundred srpings: Stuff you can refuse


jueves, 11 de enero de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 12/01/2018

1) Sintonia born to be bad
2) Vintage Trouble: Another man's  word (to xavi marchador)
3) Aki Kumar: Judgment day
4) Rick Broussard' s two hoots and holler: Times they are a changin'
5) Rick Broussard: Oh rain (happy birthday rick)
6) The derailers: Whatever made you change your mind
7) Rusti Zinn: Do I stand a chance
8) Preacher Jack: Mystery train
9) 44's: Goin' to church
10) Barrence Whitfield & Savages: Caveman
11) Prima Donna: Bless this mess
12) Scrapomatic: I just want to hagn around with you
13) Two tones of steel: All tiep up
14) Warner E Hodges: Waitin' on me
15) Rhiannon Giddens: Shake sugaree


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