jueves, 7 de febrero de 2019

BORN TO BE BAD 08/02/2019

Set list:
1) Rob Mcnurlin Nervous born to be bad
2) Doug Deming & the Jewel tones: Rat Killin' (enhorabuena Luti)
3) Leyla McCalla: Capitali$t blues
4) Rob Mcnurlin: Knockin' on wood
5) The Western flyers: Sweet Georgia brown
6) Twilight drifters: There's another place
7) Sean Mencher: Saturday night shuffle
8) Stardust ramblers: This lonesome road
9) Diana Braithwaite / Chris Whiteley: Bye bye bird
10) Pete & wolves: Beatrice
11) George Thorogood: Boogie chillen
12) George Thorogood: No expectations
13) Warner E. Hodges: Whered did you go
14) The flesh eaters: Cinderella

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