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BORN TO BE BAD 18/11/2016

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Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Born to be bad por Rob Mcnurlin
2) Dave Gross: Cubano Jump
3) Dave Gross: Rock in my shoe
4) Rob Mcnurlin present house of rising sun
5) Sarah Kramer: Come together
6) Sarah Kramer: If it be your will (tribute to Leonard Cohen)
7) A Bones: Shane of rock in radio sant boi (tribute to Billy Miller)
8) A Bones: Betty Lou got a new tatoo
9) Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes
10) Jessie Lee Miller: Now you ' re gonna be loved
11) Jessie Lee Miller: If you asked a million times
12) Diana Braithwaite/ Chris Whiteley: Thank you
13) Blueroomess: Words I didn' t said
14) Emmylou Harris: Rock and roll music
15) Nick Moss band: Shade tree

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