sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

BORN TO BE BAD 07/04/2017

Set list del programa:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) David Maxwell: Movin´on
3) Encantats: Tears in heaven
4) Rob Mcnurlin: The holy ghost
5) Rob Mcnurlin  special for Sempre Somnien festival 3: We always dream
6) John Lilly: Done done it
7) Grady Champion: Make that monkey jump
8) Dr. Blakes: Old time boogie
9) Lisa Bourne: Ain't nothin' shakin'
10) The Staple singers: Sitting on the top of the bay
11)Lily Wilde & jumpin' jubilee orchestra: No more love
12) Atomic Fireballs: Swing sweet pussycat
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