viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017

BORN TO BE BAD 01/12/2017

Set list:
1- Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin Born to be bad
2- Paul Galaxy & galactics: Solar flare
3- Paul Galaxy: White train
4- Kerry Pastine & Crime Scene: Test the fire
5- Rolling Stones: Roll over Beethoven
6- Inmates: Birthday (para Anna, Nil y Eva)
7) Charla con Sergio Smoking Stones
8- Demolition string band: Like a prayer
9- Selwin Brichwood: Pick your poison
10- Elvin  Bishop: Let the four winds blow
11- Hot club of cowtown: My confession
12- Dinah Washington: Come rain or come shine (para monica santacreu)
13- Dylan Bishop: Hey baby
14- The Insomniacs: I got money
15- Home cookin: What a price
16- Jason Ricci: Broken toy
17- Jim Shuler: I declare

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