viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 27/04/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) The hot club of cowtown: Devli's dream
3) The hot club of cowtown: What's the matter whit the mill
4) The lucky losers: Supernatural blues
5) The lucky losers: Make a right turn
6) Susan Tedeschi: Security
7) Sean Costello & his jivemborbers: Jelly roll
8) Dennis Gruenling: Won't you come back
9) Jason Elmore: Midgnight in Memphis
10) Dave Gross: Don' t take too long
11) Matt Hill: Crude man
12) Miss Leslie: Between the wiskey and the wine
13) Michael Martin: Lost a girl in Vegas
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