domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

BORN TO BE BAD 25/05/2018

Set list:
1) Sintonia Rob Mcnurlin
2) Hot club of cowtown: Draggin the bow
3) Adrianna Marie & her roomful of blues all´stars: Jump with you baby
4) Oscar Wilson: When I was young
5) Big Harp George: If only
6) Chris O'leary: One more saturday night
7) Dennis Gruenling: Ready or not
8) Matt Hill: Ain't no boy
9) Nikki Hill: I'm gonna love you
10) Two tones of steel: No that lucky
11) Kid Ramos: Heartbeat
12) B B King: Mashed potato twist
13) B B King: One shoe blues
14) Little Richard: Hound dog
15) Kim Nalley: Ferguson blues

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