jueves, 6 de febrero de 2020

BORN TO BE BAD 07-02-2020

Set list:
1) Nervous Born to be bad by Rob McNurlin
2) Marty Stuart & Fabulous Superlatives: Mojave
3) Blueroomess Bcn: By my side (Paola Blueroomess , Juanma Blueroomess)
4) Sarah Kramer: Have it all (Rick Holmstrom, Stephen Hodges, Jeff Turmes)
5) Cass Clayton Band: B side
6) Kerry Pastine : Rine or shine (Paul Shellooe)
7) Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whitley: Gold cadillac
8) Johnny & Jaalene Serenity: Teenage Cutie (David Ramos, Tommy Harkenrider, Leslie Martel Harkenrider
9) Janiva Magness: Lookin' out my back door
10) Maurice Tani: Bad boy
11) Hyperphly: Let's truck
12) Gene Vincent & Ronnie Dawson: Say mama
13) Johnny Cale: Troubles, troubles, troubles
14) Mike Jacoby: Play like Richards
15) Derrick Larsen: Folsom
16) Slim & The Gems: Blacktop therapy
17) Blasters & Hollywood Fast: Crazy baby


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