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Interview about Johnny Moeller guitar of blues rock music.

1) When and since you discovered that you liked the blues?.
J: I got into blues when I was a teenager.. My dad took me and my brother out to a club and heard a blues band.. These guys were friends of our dad. It really blew our minds.. Also our dad had some old blues records at home, so we went home and started listening!!!
2)Your principal influences?
J: I'm really influenced by all kinds of stuff.. Bo Diddley, Lightnin Hopkins,
Doctor Ross, also Grant Green and alot of Funky soul music.. I try and mix it all up into one musical thing!!
3)About that situation you think that the blues is a present?
J: I think there are alot of younger people starting to do some fresh new things with blues.. Alot are not very well known yet, but hopefully they will be!! That's what the music needs is people doing new, creative things with it..
4) You prefere display in a Fabulous Thunderbirds or solitary cds?
J: love being featured in the Fabulous Thunderbirds.. I also love doing my own thing.. Playing with Kim has been great! He's very open to ideas and letting me do my own thing in this band.
5) Do you know something of the Spanic blues?
J: I have lots of very good friends in Spain, but I am not very familiar with alot of Spanic blues.. Some of the best gigs I can remeber are in Spain!! One of the best audiences to play for in the world!!! And I know there are some incredible musicians too.
6) Me mention 10 cds that you believe that they are indispensable in a music library that boasts of having good music?
J: 10 cd's that are the coolest!
Junior Wells-hoodoo man blues
Bo Diddley-"is a gunslinger"
Any Lightnin Hopkins
Early John Lee Hooker
The Gories-houserockin!
Tom Waits-franks wilder years
Snooks Eaglin-imperial records
Nathaniel Mayer-why don't you give it to me
J.B. Hutto- testament recordings
Grant Green-iron city
7) Since you organize the concerts? That divises do you dedicate to the improvisation in the direct one?
J: I'm anyways looking for something new to play.. I try and play things differently every night. So, I'm always improvising..
8) That you have next projects?
J: I have a new record coming out on Severn Records.. It is tentively called "BlooGaLoo"!!!!I wrote most of the songs..I'm singing on 4 of the songs and have special guest sing a few also.. Kim Wilson, LouAnn Barton, and Shawn Pittman.. I'm playing to also record a new cd this winter with my brother J. Moeller... It's really cool, just guitar and drums!!! Very raw an wild!!! Hope to get that out next summer...
9) You like does to say something to the people that this reading this one paginate web?
J: thank you all for checking out this great blues show and get out check out some live music!!!


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