miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009


1) When and since (as,like) you discovered that you liked the rockabilly?.
D: It was during the age of the "Stray Cats" and the "Blasters," which got me into the music. But then I quickly discovered Gene Vincent and I loved the original 50's stuff!
2) Your principal influences?
Jerry Lee Lewis--best singer and entertainer
Chuck Berry--greatest songwriter and amazing guitar player
Joe Maphis, Larry Collins, Merle Travis, Jimmy Bryant, Nokie Edwards--guitar inspirations
3) About that situation you think that the blues is a present?
D: I'm not sure what this means? Do you ask if I like blues in rockabilly music? Sure, if it's done well!
4) You prefere rock or sound or rockabilly music???
D: I like many different music types, not just rockabilly--blues, country, jazz, surf, swing, rock.......
5) Do you know something of the Spanic rockabilly?
D: Yes, I have seen many of the great Spanish bands. And of course the Spanish audiences are the greatest!
6) Me mention 10 cds that you believe that they are indispensable in a music library that boasts of having good music?
D: 1.Jerry Lee Lewis Sun Records Greatest Hits
2.Chuck Berry "The Great 28" Chess Records Greatest Hits
3.Bob Wills "The Tiffany Transcriptions"
4.George Jones 1950's-1960's Greatest Hits
5.Howlin' Wolf Greatest Hits
6.Muddy Waters Greatest Hits
7.The Ramones first album
8.Rhino History of Surf Music Volume 1
9.Roy Orbison Greatest Hits
10.Deke Dickerson CD's of course, ha ha!
7) Since you organize the concerts? That divises do you dedicate to the improvisation in the direct one?
D: Hey man, I'm sorry, No Comprende!!! Can you ask this in a different way, I don't understand!
8) That you have next projects?
D: Yes, the Guitar Geek Festival DVD's will be out soon, as well as the 2010 "Deke's Guitar Geek Festival" happening in January!
9) You like does to say something to the people that this reading this one paginate web?
D: Yes, see you in Espana!!! We love Espana, the greatest rock & roll country in the world!
Thanks man!

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