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Interview with Tony Furtado
1) When and since (as,like) you discovered that you liked the rock/country?
T: Ive been playing music since I was 12 years old. I have always been interested in many different types of music. My first instrument was the banjo
.2) Your principal influences?
T: I would say some of the biggest musical influences on my style would have to be Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, David Lindley, Leo Kottke among many others. More generally speaking, I think some musical genres that have had a big influence on me have been blues, Irish music, American folk, rock and even jazz
3) You prefere rock or sound or country/bluegrass music???
T: I really dont listen to country music or bluegrass. They both had an influence on me I guess. I like some rock...I like music that has strong melodies and great lyrics
4) Do you know something of the Spanic rock/country?
T: i dont
5) Me mention 10 cds that you believe that they are indispensable in a music library that boasts of having good music?
T: too many choices
!Ill name a few Ive always loved:
Anything by Ry Cooder...especially Boomers Story
Tom Waits- Bone Machine
Elliot Smith- EIther/Or
Bob Dylan-Times they are a Changin
Blind Willie Johnson- Dark Was the Night
Ray Lamontagne- Trouble
6) That you have next projects?
T: I am currently writing songs for another album
9) You like does to say something to the people that this reading this one paginate web?
T: please hear my music on itunes or

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