miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009


1)When and since (as,like) you discovered that you liked the country?.
S:As a college student, away from home. I discovered Classic Country, like Hank Williams, and loved it. That was my introduction, which lead then to Cowboy Junkies, Alison Krauss, and on and on....
2) Your principal influences?
S:Emmylou Harris is a big one. Dolly Parton. Wynona, and The Judds has been a huge inspiration for me too. Alison Krauss. She's a huge inspiration. And the list goes on.....
3) About that situation you think that the country is a present?
S:To me country (at least "mainstream country" ) seems to have become pop. I don't know where country went. Every now and then on an Americana channel you'll hear something with real country roots, but most of it is basically rock and roll with a twang. Or were you talking about the USA?
4) You prefere rock or sound or country music???
S:I just like good music. I like a lot of different genres.
5) Do you know something of the Spanic country/rock?
S:No - I really don't know what the music scene is like in Spain. But I'd like to! Tour, anyone?
6) Me mention 10 cds that you believe that they are indispensable in a music library that boasts of having good music?
S:Well, I can't be the arbiter of what everyone might call "good music" but I do love Patty Griffin: my current favorite is "1000 kisses". Mary Chapin Carpenter's early albums..."State of the Heart". Ella Fitzgerald. Louis Armstrong. "Take 5". The Judds - "Greatest Hits". J.S. Bach's Partitas and Sonatas for Solo Violin. New Grass Revival's Greatest Hits. So many more.....
7) That you have next projects?
S:We are recording our second CD. It will be ready for sale at www.stephaniebettman.com early 2010. It'd going to be great!
9) You like does to say something to the people that this reading this one paginate web?
S:Come check me out at www.stephaniebettman.com. Let me know what you think!

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